Why building System

LIGHTNESS: The panels are lightweight and sufficiently sturdy even before they are finished with spritz-beton. Thus, they are extremely manageable, easy to handle and to assemble even in the most challenging operating conditions.

VERSATILITY: Equipped with a full range of building elements such as load-bearing walls, curtain walls, doors and stairs, this system favours absolute design flexibility. Furthermore any kind of geometrical form, either plane or curve, is easily obtainable just by simply cutting the elements at the site.

ENERGY-SAVING: New constructions are made energy-efficient by creating a tight building envelope. This is done by using structural insulated panels that are completely integrated: in a single phase it is possible to obtain excellent thermal insulation conforming to the strictest energy standards. The high-level insulation of SIP walls and roofs serves to lower heating and cooling energy consumption up to 60 percent making it more energy-efficient than traditional methods. .

RAPID INSTALLATION: There is a remarkable shortening of the time of realization for constructions carried out with the Advanced Building System in comparison to those carried out with the traditional systems. This is because SIPs are provided in pre-cut, labelled pieces that can instantly be installed. This optimizes the assembling sequences and reduces the dependence on site personnel to a minimum. .

INEXPENSIVE: This system is advantageous for the final users as well as the firms. Proper insulation and freedom from leakage serve to minimise the utility costs. Moreover, the SIPs are sturdy and easy to maintain, thus, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. As a result, this system offers true value for money obtaining better performances at reduced costs.

ACOUSTIC INSULATION: Acoustic insulation materials (such as cork, cocoa fibre, plasterboard, rock wool) can be applied to the panels for complete soundproofing. These successfully optimize the insulation of the walls in accordance with the strictest acoustic legislations.

FIRE-RESISTANT: The quality of the foam polystyrene used for our panels is of the self-extinguishing type. Moreover, the two concrete layers which coat the panel sides further prevent its combustion. This ensures complete fire-resistance. It has further been verified in tests carried out at different laboratories, in compliance with the minimum requirements of even the most demanding regulations.

Our Certifications

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Construction Indusrty Development Council.

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Indian Green Building Council

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ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:20014, OHSAS 18001:2007 .

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The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.