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To sit on the judgement of one’s own performance is a catch 22 situation. So it will be easier to simply quote facts as how others have judged the performance of the MD of Ritman group. A few of such instances are quoted below. To list all will be difficult because the list will be huge. So we quote only a few (not in any chronological order).

Mr. Majmudar accepted the appointment as a Committee member for Environment and Energy with the Bengal Chamber of Commerce.

Was awarded the Indian Leadership Award for Infrastructure Development by the Indian Economic Development And Research Association,(IEDRA).

Invited asthe Chief Guest At Build Mat 2013. (Build Mat is an International Construction & Interior Fair which was held this year at Coimbatore from 7th February to 10th February 2013.) At this event, the R-Panel was introduced.

Ritman Group successfully launched its new product - Easyfill, jointly with Singapore based Fullmark PTE Ltd., which will play a very important role for women empowerment in Indian market. This product will be used to refill inkjet cartridges with the vacuum machines. The refilling unit enterprises will be owned and operated by women. This is a CSR effort on part of Ritman Infra Limited.

Ritman Infra Ltd was awarded the ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environmental Management System & OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The efforts, in the field of Development of Technology in the Alternative Building Material sector was richly appreciated by the Minister for Urban Development (Mrs.Deepa Das Munshi) in an official lettertoMr. Majmudar.

Eco Friendly building Material R Panels to which he was first initiated in to by Architect SubirRanjanSengupta,Participated Successfully in global tender floated by Building Materials Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) under Ministry of Housing for identifying low cost alternate building technology. The ministry was extremely impressed by the R-Panel’s technology. R-Panels were show cased at Indian International Trade Fair, PragatiMaidan, New Delhi. The space for show casing was provided free of cost by BMTPC.

In the next conference of Building Materials Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) along with Rajredco in Jaipur, the audience was so influenced by the R-Panel technology that the Chief Minister of Rajasthan met Mr. Parag Majmudar on the same day and expressed his interest in the technology and its use in his state.


Was selected to brief about the Technologies shortlisted by NAREDCO for low cost alternate building technologyat a conference attended by the President of India. It was indeed a rare and cherishableexperience to speak about the technology in front of Mr.Pranab Mukherjee (The President of India).

The first elected member of NAREDCO from Eastern India.

R-Panels were successfully employed in building a house above Badrinath which survived the test of time. This building, previously, had to be practically rebuilt every year, being above the snow line in Himalayas, the structure remained covered with snow for more than six months every year.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) has invited Ritman Group to build in the devastated areas of Uttarakhand using the R-Panel tecnology. This is an effort by the Ministry to help out the affected areas.

Mr. ParagMajmudar’s Article ‘In the quest of Green Technology’ was published by NAREDCO (National Real Estate Development Council) under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and Property and Poverty Alleviation in their 11th National Convention on Sustainable Housing for Masses.

Mr. Parag Majmudar participated in a discussion on Affordable Housing at The 8th Annual India GRI (Global Real Estate Institute) 2013, which was held on 3rd & 4th October 2013 at The TajMahal Palace in Mumbai. 

Mr. Majmudar was awarded International Achiever of the year 2013 by The International Achievers Summit at Bangkok.

The “Indo British Business Forum” honoured Mr. Majmudar with the “Innovation Through Technology”, on October 25th, 2013 in London.

The award was presented in the House of Commons of the British Parliament”. The award has, in past, a long list of illustrious list of receivers, including personalities likeReliance, ShahnazHussain etc.

Mr. Majmudar was invited as speaker at Maharashtra Economic Summit, organised by Maharashtra Industrial and Economic Development Association and supported by Maharashtra Government, where ShriDevendraFadnavis (Hon’ble Chief Minister), ShriNitinGadkari(Hon’ble Minister for Road Transport & Highways), Shri Suresh Prabhu (Hon’ble Minister for Railways), ShriPiyushGoyal(Hon’ble Minister for Power)and many other government higher officials has consented to inaugurate the Summit.

Mr. Majmudar has received award of “THE BENGAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP RECOGNITION 2015” from the Bengal Chamber of Commerce on 1st September 2015 at Wiilion Son Magor Hall, Kolkata.

He was invited in the one day workshop for prefabricated toilets in Patna organized by Urban Development & Housing Department, Government of Bihar on 5th February, 2016.

Project management Abilities…

A Civil Engineer by profession Mr. Parag Majmudar is also a God gifted Singer. He had always opted to do usual things in an unusual way and a little ahead of the timeline curve and that has made all the difference. Generally considered a successful builder, he has effectively adapted to new and emergent business processes and emerged a step ahead of the competitors.

In a carrier spanning one & half decades, he has, to his credit a total in excess of 500,000 Sq. ft of quality construction. He has adopted a motto “Eco-friendly technologies at wallet friendly prices”. Hence his various business interests are adoption of GREEN TECHNOLOGIES. To name a few of his interests LED’s the energy saving lighting solutions, Energy saving R-Panels to build homes with, Eco friendly textile printing Ink and as a CSR effort Computer Printer Ink refilling venture aimed at Economic empowerment of women.

Situational adversity has always sparked the innovative aspect of his abilities. To quote one such instance; there was a building, above the snow line, which was left deserted for nearly six months covered by snow. After the snow receded the building had to be rebuilt, since most of the building used to crumble. Year after year the costly and wasteful process continued. Then the project fell into his lap and the research for a solution began. The research Lead to a building built with R-Panels, and was completed in record time. This building stood the test of time and needed practically no restoration thereafter, year after year. This wonderful ability to rise and stand up to be counted has always separated this man from the boys.

A brief summary of the business risks and challenges faced as a CEO:……………

In the words of Ayn Rand “The purpose, the site and the material determine the shape. Nothing can be reasonable or beautiful unless it's made by one central idea, and the idea sets every detail”. The central idea that drives the CMD of Ritman Infra Limited is ‘to earn profit but ethically, morally and with two feet solidly rooted to the ground’. Mr. Majmudar realizes that the business of construction is a positional risk that is taken by the entrepreneur. According to him the oceans, the sky, the mountains, they were all risky, they all posed the challenge of scaling an immensity, but he believes that one should think of man's magnificent capacity that created the ships, the dynamite the airplanes to conquer all those immense gaps of space. In one sentence he believes IMPOSSIBLE says I’M POSSIBLE!

Looking forward to the future challenges facing the Construction industry in general, the exposure to the Panel Technology helped along with the favourable Technical background, he adopted the Eco-friendly Technology to favour the Indian Labour Methodologyand conditions. Thus when BMTPC, under Ministry of Housing came out with Global Tender for alternate Construction Technology, the Group was well prepared and showcased the same to the learned ‘Evaluators’ and got the Technology shortlisted and appreciated.

It took very little time to convince the august judges involved in the evaluation, to think outside the box of the stereotyped design pattern and accept the panel technology for what it is actually worth. The suitability of the Panel technology in the Indian context was established beyond doubt and the authority decided to provide space free of cost to Ritman Infra Limited to show case the Panel technology at India International trade Fair. Even that led to many a success.

As everybody became convinced of the system the flow and acceptability increased. The confidence was high and the people convinced, so the Panel Technology hooked everyone concerned. Then began the production of the Panels, with proper approval and certification, production went into full swing which was just a matter of time.

As the maxim goes ‘nothing succeeds like success’; Ritman group after the success of the Panel technology faced the next challenge, the challenge of choices. There were simply too many choices. The problem was to move on the right path. It was then that Ritman Group adopted the motto of ‘Eco-friendly technology at wallet friendly prices’ and brought in a small revolution in the otherwise hazardous world of Printing Technology in India. In the World of Printing Technology it was always the cheap environmentally polluting Inks that thrived. So RIL partnered Silkflex, Malaysia, to bring in an eco-friendly and environmentally non hazardous product to India.

Silkflexwas an established name in Bangladesh and since the country is the producer of half the readymade garments globally and all the global giants sourced their garments from this country, it became easier for the product to gain a foothold in the Indian market. Now it was India’s turn to grab, howsoever a smaller part of the pie of the Global business. Our product is backed by all necessary Certifications for the inks. We have successfully coupled the Technical Expertise of Silkflex Malaysia with the marketing and infrastructural strength of Ritman Group. We rightfully take a small pride in the above matter that the Global Giants started sourcing for their requirements from the hub of readymade garments in Tirupur, India. Now Silkflex is recognized as a brand name to reckon with in India.

Looking ahead and with the responsibilities of a successful business in view RIL now attacked the threat of environmental pollution by the use and disposal of the Printer cartridges. A cartridge is 90% plastic and the only way to reduce the environmental threat is to refill and re-use the cartridges. In India the refilling was being done using spurious quality ink and in a wasteful and unreliable manner. This Resulted in customer dissatisfaction. RIL stepped in with a partnership with “Fullmark” and formed Ritman Fullmark Inks Pvt. Ltd. It was to serve a dual purpose. The refilling and reusing of printer cartridges for reducing environmental hazard and to economically empower women by allowing the refilling stations to be owned by women. This served as the CSR of Ritman Group.

Keeping in line with the motto of green technology, Ritman group decided to delve into the power saving world of LED lighting solutions and Solar Panel solutions. The “Rising Solar LED” was constituted with a dual motive of providing eco-friendly lighting solutions consuming much less power than the conventional lights and the solar panels that could keep the LED go on without the aid of any external power source. Wonderful and encouraging results have been achieved in this regard. The quest to perfection continues.

Lastly it is worth a mention that Mr.Majmudar’s house was converted into a complete ‘green house’ by employing Solar panels and Wind mill to power a 100% LED lighted house. His belief in ‘practising before preaching’ continues, as he continues to scale greater heights of success by tackling the challenges that loom daily in the world of business.

A Brief summary of thebusiness...

Mr. Majmudar is a civil engineer, so the business of Real Estate came naturally. In a matter of one and a half decades of real estate deals he has successfully completed construction of nearly a million square foot of development. He started RITMAN group with Ritman Commercial Pvt. Ltd. and took over an ailing business by the name of Lancing Investment Ltd., and turned it around in a matter of one year. In the first year itself the business started showing a handsome profit, then, within a span of 3 years the performance of the company showed a mind boggling turnaround. The profit increased by 2000%.

All this was followed by the turnaround of Ritman group. Ritman Infra Limited was born and it became a listed company in the Calcutta stock Exchange. The efforts to fulfil a dream was turning into reality, the endeavour took shape in the form of an environment friendly enterprise. The motto adopted by the group was to produce ‘environment friendly technology at wallet friendly prices’. The motto was translated in to action by the following events:

R-Panels; a technology that provides a viable alternative to the currently used wasteful technology, both in terms of money and time, additionally the technology is capable of saving energy, by providing thermal insulation for effective air-conditioning or heating, as the weather requires.

Silkflex printing solutions, the effort has paid back in more than one way. It has provided an environmental friendly ink and has brought smiles into the faces of garment exporters and therefore the workers involved. They are able to compete at the international market so the fiscal part of the smile and the lack of hazards of handling potentially dangerous chemicals. Silkflex provides an environment friendly, bio-degradable non-allergic textile printing ink.

Rising Solar LED, for any environment conscious organization, saving of electricity is a high priority to honour the commitment towards the company motto of eco-friendly technology, Ritman Group delved into the most modern form of lighting solutions and the clearest form of alternative energy solutions; LED lighting supported by solar panels. To set an example of practicing before preaching he turned his own 3500 sq.ft. home into complete LED lighted home, supported by solar panels and a wind mill. The project aims at turning the city streets into environment friendly LED lighted streets, possibly with solar panel support. The acceptability to the higher investment, low maintenance technology will succeed eventually but is taking its own time.

Easyfillis an initiative with two intentions. CSR being the primary and this is to be attained by empowering women. The second intention is obviously to protect environment by reusing & recycling the printer cartridges. The printer cartridges are 90% plastic and hence a reuse – recycle method needs to be adopted for environmental reasons. Unfortunately till now the technique of refilling these cartridges was make-shift and spurious. Ritman Group collaborated with Fullmark inks to bring in a state of the art technology of vacuum refilling with superior grade ink. These refilling centres are to be owned and operated by women. At the initiative of the MD of Ritman Group arrangements with NGO’s and banks are on, so that this CSR initiative takes the shape of a proper movements and canbe taken to the highest level. 

Our Certifications

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Construction Indusrty Development Council.

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Indian Green Building Council

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ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:20014, OHSAS 18001:2007 .

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The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.